Hi Katharine,

Portugal's energy usage from renewables was 72% in the first quarter of this year. It reduces in summer due to the bulk being from hydro electric plants (summer droughts), but wind and photovoltaic plants have increased. The policy is to become carbon neutral sooner rather than later, but the country could use some of that fossil fuel subsidy going its way!

As Judith said, thank you for these summaries!

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Thank you, Katharine, especially for the many links to additional essential information. Excellent newsletter!

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I have a stupid question. I am fairly susceptible to persuasion.

I recently watched the movie?documentary?farce? Planet of humans. I became so disturbed by the revelation?fact?falsehood? that the green earth movement is on the take. As in certain individuals/organizations are taking loads of money to the bank from their adversaries. Because we are all going to burn anyway so why not? We are burning up what trees we have left in huge “Biomass Burners”posing as “green alternatives”.

One of my childhood heroes is the implicated in this horrific crime. I am devastated.

I admit freely I am a bit of an old hippie and environmentalist from long ago but this just broke my heart afresh. I may be way wrong but would appreciate if someone could explain this to me????????

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