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earthjustice.org ("because EARTH NEEDS A GOOD LAWYER")

... environmental defense fund edf.org... NAT'L RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL nrdc,org...


wILDERNESS SOCIETY .... AUDUBON.org (where are you , wooden bird baths?... GREENPEACE ... union of concerned scientists... ocean conservancy... food and water watch.org...

so nice to read u_

you are s bit more optimistic xxxx lot more optimistic than I--even matting is impaired (would that be from masses of underground wiring or my earth's electrical anger ?)... but it does not stop me from signing petitions day after day, posting flyers wherever I see a space ... pitch in the pitch here in Florida (ahem... usually get applause for that hardship)... I love the child activities and organizations you presented

I am anxious to look into them.. . Although they are probably banned where I am (applause)

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YES YES YES!! I also shared a different angle on personal empowerment for individuals in my latest substack... I also believe we need to see every dollar spent (on fossil fuels, meat, etc) as an investment -- a vote cast for the future shift we want (in other words, our aggregate dollar choices ARE action). If we keep investing in fossil fuels (buying gas, airplane tickets, etc.), big corporations are incentivized to keep removing carbon from the ground so we can put it in the atmosphere...

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Kudos for the shout out to CCL.

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... sorry, dictation corrections necessary: Erupt / Right whales

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Thx, Dr Hayhoe, for this wonderful substack.

Under "Christian" could also be listed https://careofcreation.net/ .

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....lotsa tumult sbove. katherine, i did go to drawdown: asks the right questions, claims solutions--but no next step.,..ie: the words are there... buy are the lobbyists in Congress daily?

Then how are these draw down ideas /solutions getting to the appropriate authorities ?

appears all show and no go.

AGRICULTURE section speaks of use of land and animal husbandry... but where is the protest against the

EATS Act of the current bill FARM BILL --on the floor now?! it is a repugnant repug ploy & MUST NOT PASS! no mention in drawdown .

The ocean floor , to where NOAA is currently attempting to relocate our dying coral reefs, contains 98% of the earths volcanoes--they are irrupting, spewing for miles toxic gases that are killing our water animals water animals such that there are 72 skinny great white whales -- few salmon can survive the cutlery of the multiple dams placed in the 1940s in the snake river--= no food for the whale,

50% of the infrequent pregnancy do not survive two months. Researchers see wasting of the heads, girth and length of all.

there is not enough food nor oxygen

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I'm curious why you did not reply to any of my questions or comment or say anything about the books I mentioned. Have you read them?and if so I was hoping to promote a discussion. I didn't mean to offend you

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Your post seems well intentioned. Thoughts: I think what is required, is a new Manhattan project for a new source of energy. Cold fusion still seems a long way off. And there have been some advances with fusion, but again a long way off.


It seems to me that, if we could create the bomb, we should be able to find a better solution than the current 'band aid' approaches of wind and solar panels. We need a solution less sporadic, and not limited by the time of day or the power of the wind. Also, we require a way to store the energy we get from wind and solar to make it 'short term' viable... Hence my comment about the new Manhattan project.

At any rate, I fear it is too late, that fear based on reading the books of William T Vollmann, Carbon Ideologies - two volumes (2018) and Davd Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth (2019). The warming loops are in place. You cannot turn back the inevitable warming seas (at least for the next one hundred years) So, Today-Now, for the next hundred years - we need to concentrate on mitigation while we look for a better long-term, new energy source-solution for humanity. For now, it is too late to stop the problem. 350.org is now 420.

I also believe that wind and solar are band aid solutions, and I cannot help wondering if they are not a bit of a con. As they are destructive to the environment requiring mining and manufacturing and recycling after 20-25 years.

A question... Why has there not been any movement to spend half the money (or more) we spend on the worst polluter, the defense department, on a new Manhattan project, in order to find an energy solution that really worked, one not requiring natural gas back-up?

It may because the goal is to create a bunch of new green billionaires, socialism for a new group of rich folks, spent on band aid inadequate solutions. Instead of really addressing the problem. Why has Al Gore not been shouting about the need for a new Manhattan project for the last seventeen years? Was the issue as Richard Branson said, Profit, or Gore as a Prophet.... Just a thought?

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