Progress and cIimate action wiII remain poor at best untiI we get a handIe on the extreme IocaIized effects of excessive water vapor emissions from hydroeIectric pIants and their seas-size reservoirs stretching throughout the entire Arctic regions. 1 ton of water vapor condensing AND forming cIouds= 2 miIIion BTUs of heat into the atmosphere.

There are definite reasons why the Arctic is heating 3-4 times faster than the rest of the pIanet. CIimate change is not the cause it is an effect from human impacts particuIarIy in one of the most sensitive areas on the pIanet, our poIes.

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“International Monetary Fund managing director Kristalina Georgieva reminded everyone that the $1.3 trillion the fossil fuel industry receives in direct public subsidies is exactly what’s needed to invest in climate and nature solutions.”

Countries have subsidized startup industries and private-public infrastructure buildouts for over one hundred years; through direct monetary grants, land grants, university research funding, private-public partnerships, tax incentives and subsidies, pennies on the dollar extraction fees and royalties, and smoke filled back room deals. Over hundred fifty years ago it was canals and railroads in this country. Most recently it’s been Covid vaccines. It amazes me that fossil fuel industries from coal to oil and gas extraction can still be in a startup industry mode in need of direct and indirect government assistance after over one hundred years.

They don’t even clean up their mess when they’re done.

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