The actual science shows there’s no more carbon sulfides and dioxides in the air now then it was 100 years ago.

Did you know a volcano puts out more sulfides in the air than all the vehicles combined.? Yet we are here .

The scare tactics continue to be used as a threat towards business. Socialism in the background under that mask.

If you want to really fix things. Plant trees , they are and have been around since life began .

They are the earths lungs . Filters . Only uneducated people will argue over this.

The earths atmosphere has 19 - 21 percent oxygen which is derived from trees . Trees utilize Carbon dioxide turning into oxygen. The Main part of the atmosphere is Nitrogen at 73 percent. The other remaining 2-3 percent is miscellaneous gases .

Only an idiot can think they are saving the planet. In fact they enrich themselves in power and finnancial endeavors that are beneficial for themselves .

Solar fields destroy land and farming and trees. They put off a gas that is not talked about. I’m an industrial electrician . I’m very educated in this field .

I find it funny that green energy pushers never interact nor interveiw the professionals.

Solar and wind mills are a big problem with environmental destruction from taking habitat of wildlife to destroying wildlife itself ... I’ve seen the whales killed from ocean windmills . I’ve seen the dead eagles who perch at the top of windmills.

What people don’t know is that 1 out if 3 windmills don’t work. A good lot of windmills are being powered to turn by desiel generators.

Don’t fool your self by thinking your saving the planet when the destruction is being caused by the green projects.

Where there was nice lush pines now a waste of space with solar arrays. Tell me again how that is doing any good ?

Farmfeilds turning to solar fields . Trade your food supply for a crappy half azz energy supply. I’ve commissioned solar fields . You have no idea the falsehoods of the solar . It’s not a true continuous power supply never will be.

It’s failed many times . The panels made in china are not good they will go bad soon some have already. China and other countries are the biggest environmental destructors on the planet. They deforested 30 percent of all their forests already . But yet Oh America needs to save the Planet .


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Oct 13, 2023·edited Oct 13, 2023

Zeke's article in the NYTimes, https://www.nytimes.com/2023/10/13/opinion/climate-change-excessive-heat-2023.html , has solicited a lot of interesting reactions in the comments section. I have tried to push back against some of the misinformation regarding climate change and Zeke's credentials and expertise. Everybody thinks they know more than the experts. He is either not alarmist enough or too alarmist or they are critical of him for not conveying enough information within the constraints of a NYTimes op-ed. *sigh* You can lead a horse to facts but you can't make them think.

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